MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker

MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker 3.40

Join several MP3 files into one album or split them up into separate tracks

MakeItOne MP3 Album Maker, as its name clearly states, enables you to create complete albums out of several MP3 files. View full description


  • Incredibly fast
  • Very efficient
  • Very easy to use


  • No configuration settings


MakeItOne MP3 Album Maker, as its name clearly states, enables you to create complete albums out of several MP3 files.

This simple tool takes as many songs as you want to include and joins them into one single MP3 file (the album) which you can also tag from the program itself, adding the artist's name, track title and even album cover art. The program features support for drag-and-drop and is extraordinarily fast.

But that's not all. Besides generating single MP3 files from several tracks, you can perform exactly the opposite task: split a single MP3 file into different songs, which comes in especially handy if you have complete albums saved as just one MP3 track. Simply open the file with MakeItOne MP3 Album Maker and the program will automatically split the file and name each track accordingly – provided the file is properly tagged. The process is as quick as the joining one and the results are just perfect.

The only drawback I can find to this tool is the total absence of configuration options. Being able to select a new bitrate or more naming templated would have been great.

If you need to join or split MP3 files this tool is probably the easiest and fastest one, although files may need further editing to rename them.


  • bug fixed with scripting.
  • bug fixed that errored when trying to unpack a falsely named file.
  • bug fixed that stripped characters from the begining of Lyrics and Comments tags when extracting.
  • installer changed to use Windows Installer, improving Vista support and remove a false positive alert from ThreatFire (also under Vista).
  • bug fixed when unpacking selected tracks.

The MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker allows you to pack/join your MP3 files in a single file - whilst still allowing full playability, tag editing and unpacking.


Files packed with MP3 Album Maker can be played by any MP3 player.


Edit the tags on you MP3's, use MP3 Album Maker to pack them in to a single file, edit the tags of your new Album, even include Album Art.

Fully reversible

Use MP3 Album Maker to unpack your MP3 files back to their original state.

Drag 'n drop

Drag 'n drop your MP3's on to MP3 Album Maker and it will pack them into a single MP3 file, drag n drop a single Album onto MP3 Album Maker and it will unpack them for you.


Designed to achieve the least amount of mouse clicks to produce the results.

MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker


MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker 3.40